Teaching Cause and Effect to Kids Under 5

Understanding basic concepts of science are  great building blocks for young children to want to seek out more knowledge. It also gets their brains busy thinking! Asking open questions like “what you think will happen” is the best way to get the most out of science or for that matter any activity or experience. Many people make the mistake of “telling children” rather than letting them engage in thought and problem solve.

Here is a great activities!

Will it sink or float?

Use regular household objects and ask if they will float on top or sink to the bottom of a glass or bowl of water.  Use a clear glass container so kids can see it sink!

Candle and Water

Pour a small amount of water on a saucer or in a pie pan.  Place a lit tea light in the middle and then place a clear glass over the candle.

Color and Rain

On a rainy day have kids color on a white paper with washable markers and then set the picture out in the rain.

The Might of White

Have kids color on a white paper with a white crayon.  Paint on the picture with water colors.

Mix Paint

Mixing paint is a great way to teach cause and effect, color identification.  One year in the pre kindergarten room we allowed each child to create their own “color” and then name it.  We put the color in a baby food jar with the label and then created a giant mural a few weeks later as a class project.  Each child painted with their special color.

PVC Pipes and Water

PVC pipes, available at most home improvement stores is a great toy for kids.  Cut the long pieces into different sizes and provide different connectors to allow kids to make their own creations.  On a warm day offer a bucket of water and some small cups to pour the water through.

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